Merry-go-round was formed out of a desire to make things which make it easy for people to be green.
Our values include: – Be made from recycled materials // Be reusable // Be recyclable when finished // Celebrate the beauty of the earth and remind us of our connection // Be positive and practical // Be durable and long lasting


About the cards

The Art

Merry-go-round cards all currently feature the work of Australian artists, including Nadia Turner and GhostPatrol as well as childrens book illustrators such as Shirley Barber, Ann James and Shaun Tan.

The ongoing theme for Merry-go-round images is “earth- love”. Ideally the art holds some kind of ‘joy’, or celebrates nature in some way. Sometimes it’s hard to then match that with an image that would work for someone buying or receiving a greeting card that could be sent for all different sorts of occasions… and is just generally beautiful… but that’s the aim.

The hope is that by celebrating the beauty of the earth, it helps us remember our own connection to it.


Merry-go-round reusable greeting cards are designed and printed in Australia using environmentally responsible practices, on 100% post consumer recycled paper.


Size: 105mm x 205mm
to fit inside a standard size envelope (for easy re-use)
Stock: 300gsm Cyclus 100% post consumer recycled
Envelope and message insert stock: Ecocern 100% post consumer recycled
Design: Merrygoround Designs
Printing: FishPrint – Carbon Neutral – Waterless offset

The Creators

David and Rebecca

…are a husband and wife team based in Melbourne Australia. Rebecca constantly says it was a team effort coming up with a simple and practical way to make greeting cards reusable, sustainable and beautiful. David knows that it was really her idea.


Telephone +61 412 102 602


Drop us a line and say hello…  let us know if you have any great card-giving stories… or maybe you have an awesome shop in your neighbourhood that could be marginally more awesome if it stocked Merry-go-round reusable greeting cards?…  we would love to hear from you.